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Singaporean Kiasu Culture – Win Win (Money) Situation


Mar 5, 2018
Singaporean Kiasu Culture

Being Kiasu is a Singaporean term that means possessing a winning trait inside you.It means believing that you can accomplish everything through hard work.Having this mentality at a young age would save you a lot at your young age and you will emerge to be very successful financially.

You’re More Likely to Have More Money

There are many who consider life to be more of a marathon than an all-out sprint. As you grow older, you discover it is more about pacing yourself. This means being patient and not being afraid to find the resources that provide the energy and resources to make it to the final finish line. If you are trying to attract money, this is also like running the marathon of life.

Most people believe that living the good life consists of a quality job and having enough money to pay the bills and support the family. If you feel a good life has been achieved, how do you feel it is working for you? This is similar to running a sprint but with finances. When you sprint, the goal is to get out of the starting gate fast. The race is usually over for some before others start. In the financial world, this means paychecks are used to make ends meet, and money is spent before it even hits the bank account.

Wealthy people are ones who have adopted the marathon strategy towards money. It is a resource to build upon so the final distance can be achieved. They want to finish their race strong, and this mentality helps them attract money in more than one way. They get to the point where they don’t work for their paycheck, but the money does it all for them. These people just watch it happen.

If you are reading this and feel it sounds nice but don’t know how to achieve it, stand in line. This is a common problem for many people, but in reality, the first step means changing your mindset in how you relate to money. It isn’t always going to be easy, but you will attract money this way.

Saving Your Money With Daily Deals

Every person wants deals with the purchase of things. There were many people who looked through magazines and even newspapers with the expectation of finding out one precious deal that was marketed. Nevertheless, with the rapid spread of the Internet, those days have ended. In these days, as soon as I wish to save my money paying for acquiring things, I will get on the Internet and search for the help of daily deals websites.

Precisely what are the potential benefits to all those sites as well as what can they do to provide you with good deals? You might feel confused initially if learning about these kinds of sites, but utilizing them is very easy and it’s easy to get accustomed to them. The way these websites perform is not hard to learn too. Once opening these websites, you are required to join up to get a daily email from the site to inform you with regards to offers and specials. How can they obtain the offers to provide their customers? They operate in a partnership with other businesses and also let all these business market their special deal to attract customers.

The greater people are drawn to enroll in the deal, the greater commission these websites will get. These websites will help you save your money. Paying commissions would not harm the companies because thanks to these websites, they could acquire more and more potential customers. People who know about their products will increase; a lot of them will even change into typical customers for the businesses. In brief, both the websites as well as the companies have gained in this activity.

Always strive to achieve

The road to achieving financial independence has its share of ups and downs. Nobody said it was easy. If you’re someone who is very serious about becoming financially free it’s important to know you need to work and strive hard to finish the race you’re in. Unfortunately, there will come many instances that you may feel hopeless and that reaching your dream may seem impossible.

In order for you to break through the block wall and fight these inner challenges and negative feelings, here are some helpful tips. These valuable pointers will help you to boost your confidence and encourage you to continue battling your way to the top of financial freedom.

Before starting on your road to financial freedom you need to have specific ideas and goals in mind. For example, most of you probably have certain mental pictures of money freedom already designed in your head – whether it’s to have your own business, pay your house mortgage off early or a loan given by a money lender in Singapore to be able to fly in first class all the time.

Using creative visualization greatly aids in helping you to accomplish your goals. If you strive to become an entrepreneur, you should take time each day to close your eyes and visualize yourself actually being an entrepreneur. As one of the world’s most influential authors, Dr. Stephen Covey, says “begin with the end in mind”.

Making the right decisions

Whenever you’re making the decision to make investments in the possibilities encircling ready made blinds, there are normally several topics that must be addressed prior to your initial financial investment. When you take the time to go through these topics you create the smallest possibility for errors to occur and could often finish your experience contented.

If you were to overlook these topics you open the door for trouble to start which can result in costing your remodeling efforts both time and money. The loss of time refers to the waiting period which occurs having to reorder blinds when your initial order was inaccurate. The loss of cash takes place in being forced to buy blinds you made errors on as most ready made blinds are tailored to your request.

No one wants to lose time or cash in an investment so ensure you’re prepared to address important topics before you invest in ready made blinds. The very first topic to address when looking into blinds relates to finding the right type which best suits your home environment. When you are installing in a room such as a bedroom, living room or den, the options are often up to the homeowner.