• Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

Ways To Being Healthy Without Going Broke

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I don’t know why being healthy seems like such a daunting task even from just the mention of it. Majority of us have a new resolution around being healthy but we slide back to our horrible lifestyles within no time. There are those people though who seem to have been born with health silver spoons. While others might need to source for Easy Find Singapore Fintech in times of emergency. They don’t break a sweat like the rest of us! If it drains you to maintain that good physique, worry no more. Below are 8 amazing tricks to keeping you looking sharp.

1. The gym doesn’t mean you break your bank balance

I would blame social media to some extent for brainwashing the public. An expensive gym membership is assumed to be equal to a killer body. This is not true if you don’t spend the time in there. You body doesn’t know how much you paid if you don’t push it through the pain. If you possess a membership nonetheless, kindly utilise it. You are a step ahead. If not, use Gymmboxx. This franchise is pretty affordable off-peak hours. You part with $5 (US Dollars) for entry and outlet are across Singapore.

2. Find sports deals that work for you

I wouldn’t mind being in the most recent sportswear. I believe you wouldn’t too. Our wallets though do not concur. We need to watch our spending. Therefore, we can use Lazada and check out their assortment of sportswear. They have variety and they are affordable. Moreover, we will have the appropriate attire and be comfortable in our fitness journey. It is a win-win situation.

3. Cook for the week

Eating out is always a marvellous idea to save time. With regards to being healthy on the other hand, one needs to be keen on their diet. Point to note is that eating out is usually expensive. Therefore, get to a Fairprice and get supplies for the week. This varies from chicken breast to rice and broccoli. This will be your journey well into a healthy lifestyle.

4. Stay hydrated with water

Anytime you are outside the house it is very easy to purchase whichever drink you come across. Especially when you have a long day and you feel you want a refreshment, you want to get that Coke, Fanta or Sprite. At times when generous a fruit juice doesn’t hurt. These drinks are only sweetened and come at a cost that leaves a dip in our finances in the long run. Make a habit to have a bottle of water. You will thank us later for sure.

5. Protein powder shakes are not a necessity

Most fitness gurus or people who are working out will more often than not promote protein shakes. The truth, however, is that protein shakes are pricey! Instead of purchasing protein shakes yet we are working on a budget, how about eating protein rich foods? This is way easier and enjoyable. All that is required is that you take them in moderation. These foods include milk, cheese, bananas and milk. These should be sufficient for your budget and give you the required amount of protein.

6. Make use of free stuff

Technology makes life seem easier every day. One would even wonder how the old folk would survive in their hey days. Running wouldn’t cost you a dime. Walking too. If you have a dog, take a walk with it. These are things we most likely did in high school but somehow became too lazy. There are fitness apps we can make use of and get tips from. There are also fitness challenges and groups online. It would call for discipline. You don’t have the cash though, you better have the discipline to give you that dream body.

7. End your relation with junk food

Ending any relationship is always hard. Especially one that you were highly invested in. There comes a point though that you have to make some hard decisions. Take a situation you take $5 (US Dollars) for a bag of chips that won’t help you other than satisfy a craving perhaps. You can use that same amount at the Gymmboxx as earlier mentioned. It is the small decisions that will lead to the big wins. Reduce the snack intake and you will sooner or later realise you actually didn’t need the snacks as you may have thought before.

8. Have simple exercises in your day

With advancement and progress in humanity comes a lot of laxity. You are going to the first floor but you have to take the escalator or elevator. Nothing good comes easy. Just look out for the opportunities to exercise through the day. If you can take the stairs, please do. If you are driving, how about parking at the farthest end? Do you have a meeting in another office within town, how about walking there instead of taking a cab? You need to be uncomfortable to achieve your desired goals.

I believe you feel better having come across this information. It’s never that serious. All you need to hack anything is the know-how. Having that killer body or just being fit and within your financial means is possible. What is important to point out is that you require discipline. Journeys alone may seem tedious hence would be amazing to have a
fitness buddy.

With a fitness buddy, you will be able to do more together. You will hold each other accountable. When picking your buddy, get someone who will push you. Don’t get a person who will be the one taking you down. However, if you feel you can be the stronger one to push the two of you, well and good. Point is you achieve your goals at the end of it all. Stay healthy and within your budget.

There are numerous sportswear deals online that can help you with your journey. One that would be good for you is Shopback’s merchants. You are certain of some cashback in there. What better way to stay within your budget than through cash backs? Enjoy the journey and stay healthy!