• Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

What to Wear with Ripped Jeans and Be a Cool Chic

Ripped Jeans

Picking out the perfect outfit can be a difficult job. One can often pick out an outfit that turns out to be too professional and uncomfortable to wear throughout the day or go with an outfit that’s just too casual for you to look chic. Finding the right balance in your outfit is very important to look great, and picking up your favorite ripped jeans can be a great way to create the perfect outfit for yourself. There are several options to go with to compliment the perfect pair of ripped jeans, which have been discussed below.

Go professionally sporty with a casual blazer

A professional blazer might be an uncomfortable fit to go with ripped jeans, but nothing’s to stop you from pairing up your distressed jeans with a cool and sporty casual blazer. Colour contrasting your top and blazer is also a great idea, as it helps your blazer to stand out better, and your outfit to look cooler in general. Go with lighter colors for your top and a darker shade for your blazer to make sure you’re ready for keeping cool in the summer heat. Going with natural blends as the material is also highly suggested, as they are more comfortable to wear for longer periods, especially if you are planning to spend most of it outside. Synthetic materials can be hot and uncomfortable to wear, and should, therefore, be avoided.

Go with the perfect button-down shirt

One thing that is common about shirts and ripped jeans, they are never out of fashion. So it is only natural that pairing up your favorite distressed jeans with the right button-down shirt would make it to the list of great outfits for the summer. When it comes to choosing the type of shirt, one can choose from plain solid colors, checks or stripes, and the printed options. Choosing the type of shirt depends on personal taste and preference, but it is recommended that you try out at least one printed option. Printed shirts are very much in vogue now, with floral and abstract prints being a major fashion trend. Colour coordinating your jeans, footwear and shirt is also important to get the best out of your outfit. Like with blazers, cotton or cotton blend options are suggested while picking up your choice of shirts, as it helps you stay cool and beat the summer heat while looking chic and fashionable.

Pair up with an oversized coat

Oversized outerwear can be a great fit to go along with ripped jeans. They have a quintessential cool chic look to them that helps you stand out in a crowd. Apart from a coat, one can also go with an oversized cardigan if a full-sized coat is heavier than what you’re willing to handle. A long cardigan does the job of helping you stand out equally well. Solid colors or printed options both work equally well, depending upon which is more to your taste. Match it off with color-coordinated sneakers and some statement minimalist jewelry to create the perfect outfit for your day out.

Look cool with a V-neck tee

If you’re looking to stay cool in the summer heat. and look cool at the same time, going with a comfortable t-shirt along with your ripped jeans can be the perfect option. A solid-colored V-neck paired along with skin-fit distressed jeans can be a great outfit for a day out. V-neck tees are additionally a great option for the summer months as they help you stay cool and comfortable. Pick out graphic options if you’re looking to be adventurous, or go with the classic solid colored tee if you’re looking to keep it minimalistic. Pair up with accessories such as hoop earrings or the right pair of chokers to get a complete chic outfit that is sure to turn heads while keeping you comfortable throughout the day.

Off-shoulder tops

If you’re looking for fashion-forward options for tips to match your distressed jeans with, choosing an off-shoulder top can be a great choice. Off-shoulder tops are very much in trend and are a great option for anyone looking to create a great summer look that’s casual and fashionable at the same time. Floral prints and solid colors are the most popular options. One can choose between sleeves and sleeveless options depending on their taste. While sleeved options give you more choices in terms of puffed sleeves or slits, sleeveless is the best way to go to beat the summer heat. Off-shoulder tops also come with printed, solid coloured and floral print options, each of which are suited for different outfit ideas. 

Get the right accessories

Apart from picking out the right top or coat to go with your ripped jeans, picking out the right accessories can also be equally important to get the perfect outfit. If you’re going with a blazer or a button-down shirt, picking out a classic loafer or short heels can be the perfect shoes option to go for. Match it with a trendy satchel or handbag, and some statement jewelry, and you have the perfect chic and professional look to go out in.

If you’re opting to go with a more casual look, such as a V-neck or printed tee, the right pair of sneakers can be the perfect match for your outfit. When it comes to jewelry, one can choose between going with a minimalistic style and opting for statement jewelry options.

To Sum It Up

Getting your outfit right is a very big confidence booster when you go out. It helps you stand out in a crowd and allows you to have the confidence to go about your day efficiently. Distressed or ripped jeans are one of the most staple wardrobe options, and therefore can be matched with a lot of different outfit ideas. A lot of outfit ideas have been discussed above, and one can head over to Yishion to check out the different outfits available.